Triple Transformation

Triple Transformation
A quick overview of the subjects mentioned above allows one to understand and accept the present dissolution of all the systems and the ferocious efforts of the elite and the hostile powers that manipulate them. Such a comprehension is the first step towards the irremediable decision of a critical mass of conscious and consenting human beings. Each one of them then needs to dissolve his ego, the individualizing tool that had been created to help the growth of the human soul inside matter, and which has now become an evolutionary inhibitor. The full transformation of a human being into a new divine being can only be accomplished from the inside out, through the guidance of the individual’s soul and spirit. To succeed, he must remain fully conscious of his identity and purpose at all times and in all domains of his life, including sleep.

What is this triple transformation?

We are in the middle of the apocalypse, the “unveiling”. The multiple veils of illusion that were stopping us from accessing the world of truth are dissolving and we are finally able to detect the lies and deceit. This brings about the collapse of all the outmoded systems that have been used throughout the history of humanity to ensure its survival: religion, politics, law, money, health, education, couple, family, society. This gigantic social upheaval is presently accompanied by increasingly-obvious terrestrial and cosmic changes that clearly point to the end of humanity as we know it.

Let us face the truth with courage: Homo sapiens is becoming extinct! It is not the end of the world, but the end of our world of illusion and the beginning of a new world of truth and a new being, both made up of a new matter. Human beings will be replaced by divine beings, also called “supramental” (Aurobindo) or “idessic” (Personocratia) beings. Their bodies will incarnate in matter all the divine attributes – immortality, omniscience, omnipotence, sublime joy, and perfect love.

The first terrestrial amphibians arose from a small number of fish that dared to crawl out of dried-up ponds and suddenly manifested lungs and legs. In the same way, this new divine being will be made out of the same – yet totally transformed – cells presently making up our human bodies. Humanity was never destined to perpetuate itself indefinitely; it was simply playing the role of a transitional species linking the animal kingdom and the coming divine one.

In order to transform the very matter making up our physical bodies, a triple transformation is necessary, which can be described in the following way:

1 – The Union of Body and Soul: A complete individualization of ego at the mental, vital, and physical levels precedes such a body-soul union. Once the ego is strong enough to refuse the normal social roles (man/woman, child, parent, citizen, employee, lawyer, doctor, etc.), it dissolves – one egoic personality at a time. Each new dissolution allows the soul to gradually take full control of the mind, the vital/emotional body and, finally, the physical body of a willing human being. Once the egoic dissolution is over, the soul can become the absolute ruler of the body. As the seat of the soul is deep behind the heart, the nucleus of human identity is felt at this level.

2 – The Ascension of Consciousness: Once united, the soul and the body can now open to spirit, the Divine existing outside of space-time and simultaneously individual, cosmic, and transcendent. The person’s identity becomes universalized and is felt above the head. The spiritual consciousness slowly manifests itself in the mind, then the vital body, and finally the physical body.

3 – The Transformation of the Body: The spiritualization of the body eventually brings about the transformation of matter itself. The highest divine energy invades the most unconscious physical matter, which modifies itself totally to become harder than diamonds and lighter than air – entirely malleable by spirit.

Note that these three steps take place one after the other in some individuals and simultaneously in others. The process is totally individual and does not follow a pre-established plan.

This triple transformation is the true purpose of terrestrial experience, and the transitional species devised to accomplish it is Homo sapiens. As long as a critical mass of human beings does not reach this state, the hell-on-earth we have been experiencing for the past millions of years will continue. New civilizations will rise from the ashes of preceding ones and will be destroyed by recurrent geological or cosmic events – Nibiru/Planet X, asteroids, pole reversals, ice ages, global floods, and more.

Once a fully-individualized human being becomes conscious of the inevitable extinction of humanity, he quickly realizes that dedicating his life to the survival of Homo sapiens is no longer required. He stops trying to change the government, demanding that his rights be recognized, making babies to perpetuate the species, going to school to learn yet more lies, building a flourishing business, buying expensive material goods, taking care of his aging parents to get their inheritance, denouncing the medical mafia, junk food, GMOs and chemtrails, devoting his life to humanitarian aid, or investing in the stock market to make more money. All that he has lived for no longer makes sense. He is left with only two options: collapsing with the rest of society or courageously accomplishing the triple transformation needed to manifest the new being. Which one do you choose?