Terrestrial Evolution

Human Evolution
As long as I remain unaware of who a human being really is and what role he is meant to play on earth and in the universe, I am forced to reincarnate and civilizations continue to rise and fall in the midst of recurring cataclysms. Eventually, I come to understand that Planet Earth is a very special place, an extreme concentration of the whole universe that serves as an evolutionary crucible for the manifestation of a new divine kingdom (Mineral → Plant → Animal → Divine).

Homo sapiens serves as a transitional species between the animal kingdom and the future divine kingdom. This transition will end when a critical mass of human beings will have accomplished the triple transformation of their bodies (mental, vital, physical). This new divine body will be made up of a new matter – harder than diamond and lighter than air. Such a feat cannot be accomplished through magic or occultism, and even less through technologies such as genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, or nanotechnology. It is an individual internal soul-guided transformation.