Material World

The global elite have been trying to stop humanity’s evolution of consciousness in order to keep their herd of slaves accessible and obedient. This is why they have been secretly organizing a worldwide takeover of Planet Earth for centuries. With the help of international think tanks (Tavistock, Bilderbergers), the higher echelons of secret societies (Illuminati, Jesuits) have been pulling the strings of all systems making up civilized society: religion, politics, law, finance, economy, industry, commerce, health, the media, education, family, environment, etc.

A overall vision of all these systems is needed if someone wishes to succeed the triple transformation that will eventually bring about the manifestation of the new divine material kingdom. It is especially useful to understand the various methods used to control the mind (thoughts, beliefs), the vital body (desires, emotions), and the physical body (illness, death) inside each of these systems.