As you may have experienced yourself, I started asking myself questions about humanity’s purpose early in life. What I saw around me made no sense: violence, rape, theft, war, famine, suffering, cheating, deceit, lies, massacre, pillage, illness, death. Even if I came from a favourable environment – two educated, kind, generous parents living in a quiet Canadian city – I could not ignore the terrible fate of the great majority of human beings.

At 14, a friend’s UFO experience threw me into the world of exopolitics, and later events brought me to explore the invisible realms. In this way, I learned early that external authorities were lying about such subjects – and many other ones. I also became a passionate student of martial arts (black belt in jiu-jitsu), biology (Bach. Hon.), education (M.Ed.), and outdoor pursuits. I taught all these disciplines and many more at the private and public levels – primary, secondary, university, adult education.

At 31, I plunged into mothering (long-term breastfeeding, family bed, homeschooling) and alternative living (ecovillage, permaculture, solar electricity, Perelandra gardening, vibrational medicine, dowsing, and more). I would still be there, trying to be a good grand-mother while saving the planet, if my third child had not suffered from a potentially-mortal illness. He barely escaped death 14 times, but the brain damage was considerable and he became severely mentally handicapped. The whole family – mom, dad, sister, brother – spent a lot of time and money to keep him alive, and then to stimulate him mentally.

That is how I discovered many alternative health approaches, including “spiritual” healing. Nothing worked for long! My role as a good mother brought me back into high school to teach at an international private school, so that my two “normal” teenagers could have access to an ideal education. I would come back home each night exhausted, only to face a sick child and discouraged father.

The discovery of chemtrails around year 2000 was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I realized that there was no more place to hide (not even ecovillages deep in the Canadian forest), no techniques to save the planet (not even permaculture), no methods to help a suffering humanity (not even “spiritual” healing). In desperation, I took my first Personocratia workshop with Ghis (Ghislaine Lanctôt). This led me to gradually let go of my roles and attachments and to start an inner quest for my soul.

As Ghis offered me to help her write the Personocratia Booklets series, we spent eight years accomplishing the enormous task of studying each system and offering concrete solutions to each one. We summarized our findings inside a thousand pages covering all aspects of the conspiracy orchestrated by the global elite and their demonic masters. That is how I learned that no external saviour could help me in these apocalyptic times – neither “ascended masters” nor “good aliens”. I had to learn to become my own saviour. To succeed, the teachings of Aurobindo and The Mother became my favourite tools. They helped me accept that Homo sapiens is only a transitional species and that the Divine residing inside me (soul) and in all things (spirit) is presently manifesting the ideal conditions for the creation of a new divine being inside matter.

Wow! Incarnating on earth at this crucial moment is thus a fantastic chance to participate in the creation of this new being. I am now putting a 100 % of my time and willpower towards this end. I do not meditate in a cave; I do not develop my occult powers intentionally; I do not feed on prana. Simply, I surrender totally to my soul. This is the first of the three transformations and the most difficult, because the ego I built so dearly is now fighting like a tiger to remain in the driver’s seat.

My old roles are almost forgotten; my egoic personalities and the fears underlying each of them are slowly dissolving. I work on following my soul’s aspirations whenever possible. My mind, vital/emotional body, and physical body now belong to her. That is what I write about, what I teach, what I live. I am pregnant with my true divine self and the birth contractions have barely started!