Human Mapping

Aura Chakras 1
A human being is the most complex living organism in the universe. In school, we learn the names and functions of the human body’s organs and tissues, but the more subtle parts are ignored. These remain invisible, except to some rare clairvoyant persons. New technologies now allows us to see the denser subtle parts (Kirlian Photography, Aura Imaging), but it is still impossible to prove scientifically the existence of all invisible parts in a human being. According to Aurobindo, they are: the inconscient, subconscient, subtle physical, vital (lower, middle, higher), common mind (expressive, logical), spiritual mind (higher, illumined, intuitive, overmind), supermind (beyond mind), and satchidananda (being-consciousness-bliss).

The consciousness of most human beings remains at the physical, vital and common mind levels. In a human being, these worlds are controlled by ego and its numerous egoic personalities. If I wish to know myself, I must be able to identify at all times what part of me drives the vehicle I call my body. This inner knowing eventually brings about the dissolution of the egoic personalities that slow down my evolution and obstruct my triple transformation.