Alien Abduction
This word defines the relationship between human beings and aliens (extraterrestrials, intraterrestrials, otherdimensionals). For the past decades, the number and intensity of alien-human events have increased exponentially. This is why an overall view of the alien phenomenon is crucial if one wishes to understand what is presently going on in the material and low-frequency worlds.

Thanks to the alien presence, the elite have had access to extremely-advanced secret technologies that have allowed an unprecedented mind control of the human herd. The millions of abductions perpetrated by certain aliens and the elite’s military have allowed the secret manufacture a new race of human-looking hybrids. These “hubrids” have great occult powers that allow them to perform “miracles” and to mind control less conscious human beings. To face present and soon-to-come events, one must understand the basics of exopolitics and how the elite plans on using this wild card to hinder our triple transformation.