Nibiru OVNI
This word means “unveiling”. Indeed, the distorting veils covering human consciousness since its creation are presently falling, along with all the systems safeguarding modern civilization. Concurrently, our planet is actually facing unprecedented climatic, biological, geological, magnetic, and cosmic changes. Some researchers blame Planet X (Nibiru) or the new energies coming from the center of our galaxy. Others accuse HAARP and other more secretive technologies. Yet others attribute the events to the collective stress of a fast-evolving humanity.

One thing is sure, we are in the midst of great upheavals that are pushing us inexorably towards a triple transformation – at least for those who have taken this individual decision. When we examine current world events in this light, the apocalypse becomes a necessary evil that serves to encourage those who are still too attached to the old human way of life to trust the internal Divine Presence.