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Flat Earth Quickly Explored

  1. I met a person who told me about the flat earth theory. So I conducted a small investigation to see what is said about this subject and I find it very interesting. There is a whole bunch of videos on the web. I watched a few and I must say that it’s troubling. I’d like to have your opinion on this subject.

Yes, I’ve been aware for some time now of the controversial flat earth hypotesis, and I briefly examined the subject (a few articles and videos). It’s true that the arguments are interesting, but I didn’t take the time to check them myself. Instead, I examined the emotional aspect to see what this kind of information provoked in me and in other people with whom I shared about this subject.

Here are my personal conclusions:

  1. This kind of information makes my mental ego go crazy, which becomes completely disorientated. It says: “So if the earth is flat, then everything I learned about how the universe functions is wrong? ” The mental ego feels that nothing makes sense anymore and wants to give up. I remember having this reaction when, decades ago, I found out that the earth may be hollow. Since then, I got used to not be certain about this issue and it’s become okay. I accept not knowing. That is also what is happening inside me now with the flat earth file.
  2. My mind can prove ANYTHING: flat, round, full or hollow earth. It can even prove that the material world is an illusion and, five minutes later, read something that proves the opposite. Conclusion: the mind is too limited an instrument to understand reality. It’s a good organizational tool. It can help me to understand just enough on a particular topic in order to take some action, but it cannot put together all the pieces of the cosmic puzzle.
  3. The ego functions like a series of egoic personalities, each with their own vibratory level (see two recent articles on my website regarding the ego). Since each mental egoic personality is limited to its own level of consciousness, it’s very possible that one of them, having a lower mental level, finds proof for a flat earth, while another with a higher mental level finds proof that it is round. The measurements and arguments that prove these two beliefs seem ‟true”, but at different levels of consciousness.
  4. To get the big picture, I have to reach the supramental level (beyond the mind). This will only happen permanently after the triple transformation of a critical mass of human beings. To reach this stage, I have to work full-time on the first part of this triple transformation: the soul-body union. And this can only happen after an intense egoic dissolution. I have to concentrate all my energies on this dissolution.
  5. This egoic dissolution starts with the mental ego, which is the most capable of giving itself first to the soul. Then, it can assist in the dissolution of the vital and physical egos, by serving as a witness and a guide at the service of the soul. This dissolution of the mental ego starts by accepting to not understand the injunctions of the soul while doing them anyways.

To act according to my inner feeling without understanding or expectations requires an enormous surrender for the mind. A big step in this direction is to continue to act in your life without knowing if the earth is round or flat. So it’s a good thing that we have to face this other unknown. There will be much worse as we move forward in these pivotal years. Think of GMOs, the radiation from Fukushima, chemtrails, smart meters, the financial crisis, the 3rd World War, Nibiru and more. We really have to learn to live from the inside, and to act from the inside, without being swept up by the fear of not understanding.

Hurray! My mental ego is destabilized and I don’t know if the earth is flat or round. It doesn’t matter! What really matters is knowing why and how to transform myself.


The Good Mother Program

Q. After many erring ways and surprises in my transformation work, I realize that one of my egoic personalities that is most difficult to deal with is my role as a mother, with the emotions that go with it: victimization, bitterness, resentments. I am incapable of stopping being possessed by the egregore of the good mother, unable to let go. I am completely driven emotionally by the anxious and controlling mother. What can I do?

A. The good mother is a huge personality tied to the survival of the species. No wonder then, that like many others (including me!), you have difficulty dissolving it.

Let’s start with a general approach. The fundamental problem is that I think I’m an animal. This program is everywhere in me and around me. It’s part of the universal programs that go in and out of my body at any instant. It’s impossible to eliminate such a program by staying at the same level of consciousness. We have to rise and learn to live at a higher level. Here are some tricks and commentaries to achieve this:

  1. I first start by understanding the various levels of consciousness in me. This is well explained in the books by Aurobindo and The Mother. There’s a good summary in Satprem’s book: “Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness”. I learn to watch myself in every moment to assess my level of consciousness.
  2. The good mother is located at the physical and vital levels, but the mind at the service of the vital thinks that to be a bad mother is WRONG, and to be a good mother is RIGHT. Of course, there’s a whole list of pre-established things to do in order to be in one of the two categories. We must absolutely get out of this false duality. What is RIGHT is what gets me closer to my soul and what is WRONG is what gets me further away from it. The animal program of the mother keeps me in animality and prevents me from hearing and obeying my soul. My real job on Earth is the soul-body union. I did not incarnate to perpetuate Homo sapiens.
  3. When my child is young, he really needs a mother (biological or another person who accepts to play that role). When he becomes a teenager, I cocoon him less and less. I prepare him to manage without me for when he will be an adult. When he’s a grown-up, I let him cope on his own. He doesn’t live with me anymore. If he’s sick or handicapped, his soul will find him someone to look after him. It’s easy to accept this perspective when I consider other people’s children. I may even ridicule parents who hang on to their role. But when I’m trapped with a sick or abnormal child, I turn blind to my own behaviour. I become completely possessed by my good mother role exactly as if it was a demonic entity; but it’s simply a big egoic personality following a fundamental program of the universal nature.
  4. To get rid of it, I have to behave as if it was a big case of obsession (drugs, cigarettes, sex, violence). As soon as I see myself get into the ‘Good Mother’ program (GM) or its opposite, ‘Bad Mother’ (BM), I climb up higher (towards spirit) or I dive inwards (towards soul). These two places vibrate faster. At that level of consciousness, I know that I’m not an animal, but a divine soul in a body that is learning to LEAVE animality.
  5. But what am I to do with my child? I try to behave as the ideal mother who will allow her child to become a completely autonomous adult, so that her role as a mother is done when the child is grown up. A child is a 20-year contract (sometimes less), not a life-long job!


Movie “Thrive”

Q. Seeing the movie THRIVE leaves me perplexed. It is real info or rubbish?

A. “Thrive” is a perfect example of a movie being used for disinformation (80% true + 20% false, or any other similar winning combination). The part that’s real is the bait. Once the fish has been hooked, the false is presented in a roundabout way. The lie that is sold to us is crucial. For example, the solutions offered in “Thrive” are obsolete. We are not going towards a happier humanity with free energy, less taxes, a good paternalistic world government, technologies allowing us to travel in the cosmos and blah blah blah. That is our evolutionary PAST!

The next stage is a new divine kingdom in matter. We are at the beginning of the apocalypse (unveiling of the truth) and our ego is from now on enemy no. 1, the one that is seduced by the lies that guarantee his continued hold on the physical body.

Until a critical mass of human beings manages to dissolve the ego and thus succeed the soul-body union, the god of illusion will continue his job of establishing chaos. Things are going to get worse before they get better, here on Earth! I strongly recommend to people to prepare for the worst at the physical level and at the most marvellous at the spiritual level. And the best preparation is internal. We have to change OURSELVES!


Common Core: At Satan’s School

Q. What do you think of this video, which offended me greatly? I’d like to have your comments. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rneWP1z5L44)

A. I saw this video a few weeks ago, and many others in the last few years, concerning the new American educational system called Common Core; I’ve also read many articles on this subject. Common Core is becoming globalized and has a lot of parents and teachers worried.

There’s nothing surprising in this! It’s the logical follow-up to the entire education system that’s been developed in the last decades. It started in the 30s in Germany, and even before, with the mind control experiments started by the Jesuits in Paraguay in the 18th century.

It accelerated with the privatization of the school system, encouraged by the national debt of each country. The IMF and other banking institutions of the elite would say to the countries: “We’ll keep the interest rate of your debt low, as long as we control your resources, your education, etc. Otherwise, you’ll be on the brink of bankruptcy.” Greece is a perfect example of this type of manipulation. It’s the same everywhere, except for countries like Iran, which continues to resist the global banking system and is thus demonized.

This idea of controlling human minds from childbirth has been around for a long time, but it’s becoming more obvious today. It’s also the reason why I chose home births, long-term breastfeeding (5 years each), a family bed and homeschooling. Such informed choices were rare in Quebec, 30 years ago. Since then, things have only gotten worse…

You have to understand the elite. Their job is to obey the god of illusion, whose role is to slow down our evolution of consciousness. It’s up to us to say yes or no to their propositions. No means refusing to give birth at the hospital, to give your baby the bottle, to separate mother and child at an early age, and to send your children to school… while it’s still possible. For those without children, it will be to stop giving birth to new chidren-slaves-idiots. It’s time to choose! To go to the end of our mission on Earth, we need to transform ourselves. Let’s forget about the perpetuation of Homo sapiens. Instead, let’s work inwardly at the manifestation of the new divine kingdom!


Born a Cat!

Q. I just saw this video. Is it a case of multiple personalities? How do you interpret that? (https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3rcusq_nano-20-ans-est-persuadee-d-etre-un-chat-vostfr_fun)

A. I think it’s either an unbridled and imaginative egoic personality or a case of possession by a feline being from another dimension. Many people have reported seeing aliens that looked like cats. Let’s remember the Egyptian goddess Bastet, who had the head of a cat. When my daughter was young (she was clairvoyant since birth, but this gift disappeared when she became an adult), she reported having seen such cat-beings many times (in dreams and in person, in the subtle physical). You can see pictures on Google by typing “cat alien race”.

Other people accept canine entities (werewolf) or totem animals like the bear or the hummingbird, to name just a few. It’s common in Amerindian shamanism.

What surprises me in this type of experience is this appeal to be something other than a human being. People don’t understand that our species is incredible. They feel small and insignificant and prefer accepting the presence of a feline entity or of a powerful egoic personality rather than exploit all the wonderful aspects of their humanity.


Alchemy and Consciousness

Q. My question relates to alchemy. Is it relevant to want to transform metal into gold? What is the usefulness of this experience?

A. I didn’t study alchemy, but I’ve read a bit on it and have met a few amateur alchemists. I think alchemy can be understood at many levels of consciousness.

Spiritual Alchemy: First of all, there is self-transformation, where I discover my soul and unite with it. Lead represents that part of me that is unconscious and ignorant, and remains under the control of the ego. Gold is the part that becomes purified by giving itself to the soul.

Mental Alchemy: Secondly, we can use our own mind and vital force (qi, prana) to perform transformations at the level of matter. Lead will change into gold using mental energy, which can control the energy inside matter and modify it. Great yogis and qigong masters can perform such feats and much more. But when someone can really do this, it’s because they vibrate at such a high spiritual level that they wouldn’t boast or utilize their powers to gain riches.

Vital Alchemy: Thirdly, magic rituals can be used to become allies to vital entities. Lead will change into gold through the vital energy of forces and entities that concentrate such energy to modify matter at will. But such magical services come at a price! Eventually, we enter the world of Satanism, rituals and sacrifices (animals, humans). It is surely the most widespread kind of alchemy, since it is the easiest to perform, especially nowadays, with the phenomenal increase of Satanism worldwide.

Etheric Alchemy: Fourthly, symbols and sounds can be used, as well as scientific-occult procedures or technologies that modify electromagnetic and scalar waves and work at the subtle physical level (ether). I think it’s the most well-known method, the one we usually find in alchemy books.

Personally, I prefer spiritual alchemy, because in this way, I work on my own raison d’être, the reason of my present incarnation on Earth. When I work only on the mental, vital or physical level, all the knowledge and power I have gathered is lost after the death of my physical body.


Satanic Music

Q. What do you think of this message taught to Muslim children on the following (French) link? (The imam explains to children that listening to music may change them into pigs or monkeys or Shaitan/Satan.)


A. The anti-music message from the Qur’an (Koran) may have a scientific explanation, since all music has been transformed by the elite to keep us in low and discordant vibrations. Changing the A note to 440 Hz is only one of the ways they created to modify the effects of music on the human body. They have also impoverished the musical scale and removed microtones. Finally, the words in songs often hide satanic messages that are sometimes audible only when the speech is inversed. This is partially explained in the chapter on music in Booklet 8, Education towards Innate Knowledge, from the Personocratia’s Booklets series (see Store).

When I hear rap or metal music, I feel he might be right in warning children against it. Such music gives us a straight access to the lower vital/astral worlds and its demonic entities. The man in the video talks a lot about Shaitan, which is an Arabic word that means “adversary” and represents Satan and its cohorts.

I don’t think people listening to such music will be changed into pigs or monkeys, like the imam mentioned, but they might start acting in similar ways: animal sex, gluttony, aggressiveness, etc. Their transformation into Shaitan might mean that they will become possessed by demonic entities. This has been happening more and more often in the past years.

In fact, any religious dogma has its place and time. It allows a portion of humanity to go from one level of consciousness to another higher one. Then, it simply becomes obsolete. What this imam is teaching children may help them. Who knows? Do children raised in our atheistic western society receive a more inspiring message? When I see our youth permanently riveted to their iPhones and killing for fun on their video games, I am not so sure…

Personally, I have stopped listening to music for several years now. I felt that it over-stimulated my vital body and slowed down my internalisation process. Nowadays, I prefer to concentrate on my soul and the silencing of my mental ego, so I can hear my own internal music.

Each of us has to find our own way to deal with music and choose what will accelerate the union of body and soul.



Q. Is it possible that we are all manipulated?

A. Yes, indeed, we are manipulated at many different levels. Before I explain, I first need to define the “we” of your question. This “we” or “me” is ego, a very small part of my very complex and multidimensional being.

This ego is the tip of the human iceberg. All the ice that remains submerged under the egoic tip, along with all the water surrounding it and the sky over it are also part of my true being, to which I rarely identify with. These secret parts of my being are constantly manipulating “me”, the human ego.

In fact, we have no true free will. The ego believes that it can choose what it wants, but it remains the plaything of forces, beings, and entities that manipulate it 24/7 like a puppet. The ego thinks that it is the one making the decisions, but these are guided by deeply-imbedded programs – familial, social, ancestral, animal, vegetal, and even mineral. “I” (ego) follow them without fail while being persuaded that “I” made de choice, because I feel that the call comes from inside my body. I take the ego’s voice and will as being mine. And since ego blindly follows pre-established programs, it decides nothing. It is totally manipulated!

Let us examine de main levels of manipulation:

  • Ancestral programs (atavism) come from the experiences of past generations and are embedded in the invisible parts of my DNA at conception.
  • Familial programs are installed from birth on, according to the type of parenting I face and the cultural and linguistic milieu in which I grow up.
  • Social programs come from my education (religion, school), the media, friends, colleagues, etc.
  • Animal programs control most of my daily behaviour: domination (power, money, prestige), herd instinct, sexuality, feminine and masculine roles.
  • Vegetal programs inscribed deep inside my cells push me to fulfill my most basic needs – air, light, heat, food – and to enjoy the deep-rootedness to a false identity.
  • Mineral programs are glued inside the atoms and molecules of my physical body. They bring the aspiration to death – eternal mineral peace.

The elite know the existence of such programs and, through secret societies, manipulate humanity so as to keep it identified with ego. In this way, our secret leaders remain in place at the head of the human herd.

The beings and entities of the invisible worlds also know these programs and keep us identified with ego so they can continue to feed on human energy. Entities from the lower vital/astral worlds encourage basic egoic programs (sex, power, money, possessions) and those of the higher vital worlds work to increase the more refined spiritual ego (ethics, humanitarian aid, asceticism).

To stop these constants manipulations, I have found only one solution: I must discover my true being (soul, psychic being), and then give my body to it. This can be done by stopping the manipulations of my ego and its friends from the visible and invisible worlds. This is quite a job! I will explore this subject more in depth in an article that will soon be posted on this site. As each soul is individual, its path is unique. That is the only part of me that cannot be manipulated.

I forgot to mention that the main manipulation comes from the Divine, which lives in each of us (soul) and above us (spirit). He is the great divine manipulator who has created the whole scenario that is heading towards the divinisation of matter, through the triple transformation of a critical mass of human beings. Thus, all these manipulations have a meaning. Each of us needs to favour those that facilitate this transformation most efficiently until they have become useless.


Smart Metres

Q. Why do the elite insist so much on installing smart metres everywhere? Some say they it is to force us to lower our energy consumption. Others talk about surveillance of our personal conversations and actions. Are there even more secret reasons?

A. Yes, definitely! Smart metres also allow human mind control in two ways : technological and magical. Let us examine each of them quickly:


Chapter 6 from Fritz Springmeier’s book, Deep Insights into the Illuminati Formula, details this technological control through the use of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). He does not talk specifically about smart metres, but one can easily extrapolate, since they use EMF. Here is the link:



For scientifically-oriented minds, the second type of mind control is more difficult to believe. Yet, it is real and much more pernicious. Smart metres also use scalar waves that can open interdimensional doors between the physical realm and the lower vital/astral realms. Actually, scalar waves are used as interdimensional highways for demonic entities.

Chemtrails are also involved in this interdimensional magic, because the nanofibers (smart dust) that they spread in the environment penetrate inside our houses, lungs, and skin, where they attach to all our organs and systems. This is what Haralk Kautz Vella calls biology”. Here is a link where he summarizes the problem:


Thus, our bodies are being changed from numerous agents, smart metres and chemtrails being only two of the most pernicious ones. What can one do? According to me, there remains only one long-term solution: the triple transformation! All other solutions can only be temporary, but they can still be useful on a short-term basis.


Flat or Spherical Earth?

Q. Several new Internet videos bring supposed proof that the Earth is flat. What do you think?

A. I already listened to 4-5 of them. Each brings slightly different explanations to prove that Earth is flat. I really don’t know if it is flat or round, since both parties seem to bring difficult-to-prove facts – at least for me. However, I have noticed that this type of information really destabilises people. Some really freak out!

The human mind remains in a world of duality – round vs flat. In fact, both options are probably right on two different levels of consciousness. The truth is that we live in a world in which the space-time continuum – and thus objects and events – varies according to the level of consciousness of the observer.

The fact that Earth is flat or round does not change in any way the internal job I need to do: the union of body and soul. I need to concentrate on this full time and stop my mind when it insists on wanting to understand everything. It cannot! The mind is a tool for organizing action, not for understanding the universe.


 Chemtrails and the Elite

Q. Somewhere in your (French) DVD on chemtrails, you mention that everyone is infected by chemtrails nanofibers. Are those who plan and spray chemtrails also contaminated or do they have a special remedy that protects them and their families?

A. That question often comes up when we talk about chemtrails, radiation, and GMOs. Most people are not aware that the elite have access to very advanced and secret scientific knowledge, along with a technology that is 10,000 years more advanced than the one presently available on the market. That being said, the answer to you question is multifold:

– Members of the elite and their important assistants can clone their bodies and modify their DNA in order to acquire special gifts (resistance to illness, superhuman strength, psychic powers, etc.).

– In such a clone, the “soul” (in fact, it is the part of the vital body that is controlled by the most powerful egoic personality) can be downloaded when the old body becomes sick and feeble. It is like getting rid of your new car and buying a new one.

– The highest members of the elite are totally possessed by demonic entities that take all the decisions, even if they go against the survival of humanity as a whole, the survival of the body they inhabit or their family.

– They may also have more conventional protection methods: pharmaceuticals, natural remedies, secret technologies, etc.

– All members of the elite and their close collaborators have been subjected to mind control from birth onwards. The notion has been ingrained in them that the sacrifice of their health, their life and that of their family is necessary to the fulfilment of their mission: the establishment of the Satanic New World Order.

Q. Is it possible those elites are simply unconscious or indifferent?

A. I think they are unconscious of the true identity of humanity and of its purpose as transition species between the animal and the soon-to-come divine kingdom. And a good thing too! If they were really aware of what is going on, they might not choose to do their terrible job. Little do they know, but the apocalyptic scenario they are putting in place is irremediably pushing all conscious and consenting human beings towards the body-soul union, followed by the fusion of body, soul, and spirit. All this is necessary for the establishment of the new divine kingdom and its divinised matter. To each his own job!


Connecting with the Divine

Q. What methods can I use to connect to the Divine clearly and consciously?

A. As this is a very broad and deep question, I will limit myself to a general answer so that you get the general idea. Personally, I use the following progressive path, but it is surely different for each person:

1) SOUL: I feel deep down that my union with the Divine is the only thing that counts in my life. Such a feeling comes up only when my soul has decided that its time had come to take full control over my body and to dissolve ego completely. So, it is the soul who decides when it is ready. If you ask yourself that type of question, it may mean that your soul is “ripe”.

2) MIND: I understand the nature of a human being, which is a being in the process of divinisation. I know clearly the role of each of the parts of a human body in such a process: ego, soul, spirit, mind, vital, physical. I am ready to let go of old beliefs, whether ethical (e.g. humanitarian aid, saving Mother Earth), religious (falsified sacred texts), so-called spiritual (mind over matter, ascended masters, good aliens), and so on. Only this way can I hear the immanent Divine (soul) without twisting its message.

2) VITAL : I accept to give my vital body to my soul, which means gradually letting go of my desire for possessions, prestige, power, social recognition, diplomas, fancy cars, designer clothes, etc. It does not mean that I cannot enjoy them, but I stop spending my time and energy getting them. This is how I dissolve what Aurobindo calls the “desire soul”, with its obsession for getting vital expansions and avoiding vital contractions. When I say yes to desire, I increase the power of my ego and diminish my chances of hearing my soul’s messages.

4) PHYSICAL : I take good care of the divine temple that my physical body represents. I keep it fit, strong, and healthy. In this way, it should live long enough for me to accomplish the body-soul union before it becomes too old and dies of exhaustion. I remember that it is difficult to stop physical habits and the inherent inertia of matter and I refuse to get discouraged.

To succeed in this series of changes, I need faith, perseverance, and surrender to what comes. I feel that the most fundamental aspect of such efforts lies in the most complete concentration of consciousness in the soul centre. This invisible chamber is situated deep behind the heart. The more time and energy I spend concentrating in this place and aspiring to connect with my soul, the faster this connection takes place. It may take years… or weeks.


Mado’s Recent Changes

Q. Many persons have taken Personocratia workshops with you in the past and who have asked me why you stopped teaching this method. They also want to know what you are doing now. What can I tell them?

A. Recently, I realized that my main emphasis for the past 11 years had been towards changing external things in my life in relation with governments, banks, commerce, family, the media, health, etc. I felt I had gone as far as I should in this direction and that what needed to be dissolved inside me by following the personocratic path had been dealt with.

It became clear that the time had come to move my efforts internally in order to complete the dissolution of my ego. To help me in this new and mysterious direction, I am now focusing exclusively on the words of Aurobindo and The Mother.

Nowadays, this quote from The Mother has become a sure guide:

At first, one must find one’s soul and the Divine who possesses it, but one must identify oneself with it. And then later, one may begin to come back to outward activities, and then transform them; because then one knows in what direction to turn them, into what to transform them…. Those who have taken the decision, well for them it is first of all indispensable to find their soul and unite with their psychic being, and with the Divine who is within it. This is an absolutely indispensable beginning. One can’t leap over this bridge, it is not possible.

You asked about my plans for the future. It is not very clear yet, but I know that I will continue to give lectures and seminars. They will probably be centred on understanding human beings (invisible anatomy, characteristics of each part, dissolving ego), how they are influenced by the invisible worlds (etheric, vital, mental, psychic, spiritual, supramental), and how the ego works first to individualize the body, then to gradually offer it to the soul. But in order to talk about such subjects, I must first travel further on my internal path.



Q. I would like to know your thoughts concerning P.L. (a well-know French-speaking channeller). I wonder if, during all these years, he has not been fooled like so many others.

A. Instead of talking about a particular channeller, I will make some general comments about the phenomenon of channelling. Here it comes:

1) I keep a sharp discernment at all times. Almost everyone talks from ego. Therefore, most knowledge coming from people around me (friends, gurus, writers, lecturers, priests) is deformed to the advantage of ego and the disadvantage of divine soul. Of course, all this remains subconscious and the person can seem very sincere.

2) I remain even more cautious when a person pretends he is channelling an important historical figure. I place him immediately in the “big spiritual ego” category.

3) My doubt doubles when the person is supposedly channelling a world-renowned spiritual master, at least according to New Age dogma (Jesus, Saint-Germain, Archangel Uriel, Melchizedek). Why would a highly-advanced spiritual dead master use a person who is more often than not a poorly-educated, low-spiritual person to pass on a deeply-spiritual message? I prefer to see things differently. The channeller is probably a person with a big ego trying to get even stronger by offering the human body it controls to a vital/astral entity in exchange for occult powers. In exchange, this entity gets an easy access to human beings and feeds on their vital energy (prana) without their knowing. Such energetic vampirism takes place when people are listening to a channeller in a room, on a DVD or an Internet video, when they read a channelled book, or listen to the channelled message on their iPod. Let’s not forget that EM waves facilitate the connection between the physical world and the invisible realms. In fact, such technology serves as an interdimensional highway.

4) I remain even more leery when the channeller’s body becomes contorted or has epileptic-type seizures when he connects with his invisible “guide”. From my understanding and experience, this is an obvious case of demonization (temporary possession). You can find more explanations on the five steps of possession in the new (French only) version of booklet #3 (Religion) and my 2015 (French only) public lecture on the subtle worlds (see the French section of this site).


 Mehran T. Keshe

Q. I have been following Mehran T. Keshe’s story since 2012. On October 26, 2015, he has put his plans for a plasma generator on the Internet. He started by giving 10 days for governments to publicize his inventions. Since nothing happened, he put everything on the Internet. Have you heard of this man who only wants world peace by using his inventions to recreate heaven on Earth? His intervention has warmed my heart in these times of chaos. I had a hard time keeping my head above water!

A. Yes, I know Mr. Keshe from videos on the Internet. I have also met someone in Montreal who has worked with him closely as an assistant. He gave a few lectures in Quebec on this subject. I am pleased that the information and actions of Mr. Keshe “warmed your heart” as you said. It means that your vital ego was reassured about the future and your mental ego was assured that abundant energy would solve the present apocalypse. If this is the case, Mr. Keshe did a good job! He gives hope to some people who feel that the present situation on Earth seems terrible.

Yet, according to my understanding and inner feeling, the true solution is not technological. The energetic prison inside which humanity is presently being held is illusory. Each human being owns a soul that is in the process of becoming omnipotent and omniscient. Therefore, I prefer to concentrate on the triple transformation (explained briefly here), which is the real purpose of terrestrial evolution. But, this is my own personal path. Yours may be very different. As the solution is internal and different for each individual, we all need to know and trust ourselves.


The Subtle Influence of Techno-Magic

Q. I am a professional magnetist (energy healer). I am first and foremost a medium, but I work mainly with guided meditation, essential oils, and plants. For some time now, I have been feeling sick. I have ringing in the ears and I lose my balance easily when I walk. I also have panic attacks that are very debilitating. Can you suggest anything that would help me?

A. More and more people face physical and psychological problems that are similar to what you described. The reasons are multiple: electromagnetic and scalar waves of all kinds (computers, Wi-Fi, iPhones, cellphone antennas, smart metres, HAARP), chemtrails, vaccines, medication (especially psychotropic drugs), GMOs, nanotechnology, recreational and shamanic drugs, the fierceness of entities of the invisible worlds (aliens, etheric and vital/astral entities) and, especially, the increase of human receptivity due to an exponential rise in consciousness.

Q. Of course, I believe in the invisible realms and my receptivity to these realms is intense.

A. Such a receptivity has helped you a lot in your work and, possibly, in your daily life. However, it is a double-edged sword, since it makes you more susceptible to all the problems you mentioned earlier.

If you feel the victim of such techno-magical invasion (indeed, it is a type of black magic coming from the elite and some aliens), its effects will be increasingly disturbing. But, if you remain connected at all times with the immanent Divine (soul) in you, you can accept the situation with equanimity, peace, and joy.

The gift of such a situation (and we are millions to experience it), is that it forces us to remember that external and internal suffering can be used as a diving board towards transformation. This is explained in several texts on this site.

Q. For a while now, I have noticed that some vibrations from technological sources are highly disturbing. I have tried to keep my clients informed of what is going on, but apart from some rare ones who understand and feel the same type of discomfort, the others ignore my warnings and continue to act like sheep.

A. At the moment, there are two humanities:

1) There is one type of human who remains asleep and becomes totally controllable with the use of frequencies and technology. His permeable state allows the easy intrusion of entities of the subtle physical (etheric) and low vital (astral) worlds. His soul is simply not evolved enough to accomplish the triple transformation. Ego is the sole ruler of his body. Let us then stop judging him and remember that the Divine does not make mistakes. He chooses the ones who are ready.

2) The second type of human has a soul that is advanced enough to guide him. Notice that I am talking here about his soul, not his vital body (desire soul) or his mental body (intelligence). His soul eventually insists on letting go of ego, which has now become useless. This egoic dissolution is accompanied by much resistance and suffering. Gradually, the soul “goes forward” (Aurobindo/Mother). Under its direction, the person purifies his body (mental, vital, physical). The more purified his body, the less he is influenced by the techno-magic efforts of the elite and the aliens, and the efforts of hostile forces and entities.

Thus, for someone like yourself who is feeling the effects of techno-magic, there remains only one long term solution: the full dedication to the union of your body and your soul. This is what I have been practicing for a few years and what I am starting to teach and write about, using internal messages and the writings of Aurobindo and The Mother.


Human Relationships

Q. I have searched and talked to many people about relationships and marriage. I changed a lot in my life at this point and I’m still changing concerning these issues. I’m still searching for gradual solutions to this relationship problem. If you have any more ideas, I’m listening. :)

A. Solving relationships between human beings is the FASTEST way to evolve in consciousness, whether in couple or with children, parents, colleagues, friends, or clients. Our everyday behaviour is based on the herd animal program. Any effort done to delete the program brings us one step further towards our true being: our soul, which is the Divine individualized into space-time.

In order to dissolve the herd animal program, we do not need to stop meeting with these people, but to start seeing them differently as evolutionary tools. Any time I catch my ego doing any of the following, I say YES to soul and NO to ego: judgment, anger, resentment, abuse (verbal, psychological, physical), revenge, hatred, flattery, swearing, etc. This means watching myself 24/7. A really big job that brings amazing rewards!



Q. Do you think ayahuasca can be a useful drug to facilitate our connection and understanding of the subtle worlds?

A. Ayahuasca has become a fashionable recreational drug for many New Agers who are in a hurry to develop their occult powers and build special links with the invisible realms. According to me, any attempt to communicate with entities and forces of the subtle worlds by using drugs — natural or synthetic — are counterproductive and only serve to strengthen ego. In this way, ego hopes to obtain more power and prestige by provoking so-called “spiritual” experiences.

Far from being spiritual, the occult connection usually takes place between the physical realm (3D materiality) and the vital/astral realms. Drugs do not link us to the true spiritual worlds (superconscient) or to the psychic world of the true soul (called psychic being by Aurobindo).

When the mental, vital and physical bodies of a person are ready, the psychic being (true soul) organizes special experiences with the subtle worlds that benefit specific parts of that person, but without the need for shamanic rituals or drugs. In order to support our evolution of consciousness in relation with the subtle worlds, we need to be patient and to give ourselves totally to the Divine, without the hope of developing occult powers. They will manifest in due time.


Hostile Entities

Q. We (couple) often feel hostile entities or forces surrouding us, usually during the night or when we fall asleep. We feel their presence or energy. At other times, we meet them in dreams or semi-dream states. They sometimes appear human, but often take the appearance of humanoid or half-animal beings. What can we do when we face such entities?

A. Consider yourselves lucky to see or feel them around you. In this way, you can accept more easily that this type of phenomenon is real. In fact, we are surrounded by invisible entities at all times. To feel them allows me to actively refuse their influence and to remind myself that I attract like a magnet those that correspond to my vibration at that moment. If I consider myself a victim of their actions, my vibrations remain low and their influence becomes stronger. Their presence eventually forces me to take a decision: either I sink into low energies (fear, anxiety, panic, agressivity, war) or I remind myself of my true divine, omnipotent identity.

Q. Are there techniques that allow us to stop their influence and get rid of them? What should we do when we feel their presence? Should we counter-attack? On the contrary, should we help the entity to go into the light or is this a trap? What can we do to prevent this from happening?

A. When facing such subtle attacks, I use one of the following two techniques, according to my feeling at that moment:

  1. I concentrate my consciousness deeply behind the heart. In this way, I get closer to my psychic being, the real soul, which is the Divine, individualized into space-time.
  2. I concentrate my consciousness on or above my crown chakra, which is the door leading to my true spirit, that part of me that lives outside space-time and is simultaneously individualized, universal, and transcendent. I visualize this chakras above my head opening up and I ask that the divine peace and force flow inside my body.

In order for one of these methods to work, one needs faith, perseverance, patience, and as little ego as possible. Each occasion to practice this connection is a gift that allows me to solidify my contact with my psychic being and/or my spirit.

Let us now examine your question about the possibility of counter-attacking. Each person must use tools that are adapted to him, according to his level of consciousness at a specific moment. There are three possible ways to respond:

  1. When I identify with ego (a very useful tool that allows me to individualize), I use warfare techiques (defense, counter-attack,occult or “spiritual” weapons). There are thousands of these: purple protective shield, sword of Archangel Michael. talisman, pyramid over the bed, totem-animals, picture of a favourite guru, mantra, Native American dream catcher, shamanic help, exorcisms, etc. When subtle attacks are strong and numerous, I can choose to use such tools for a while, but sooner or later, I will have to go the the next step.
  2. When I remember that my psychic being (true soul) is the Divine, individualized into space-time, I can seek refuge inside it (there are many methods to facilitate this process). At that stage, I become aware that counter-attacking is useless. My psychic being is more powerful than all the entities of the subtle worlds. Readings about the nature of the psychic being, its real identity and its modus operandi help me strenghten the link with it and to trust it. Then, repetitively linking to it during such subtle attacks increases my faith and allows its divine strength to manifest. That is why the presence of such hostile forces is a real gift.
  3. When I identify with spirit, the divine me living outside space-time, I remember that I am all and that I exist inside everything and everywhere. I finally understand that I am inside these hostile entities that assail me. How can I fight myself? I do not judge them, do not seek to destroy them. I simply refuse to give them power over my body. They represent a part of me that no longer serves my evolution. However, such an attitude can also come from my “spiritual ego”, which uses all possible occasions to get stronger by making me think that I have reached high spiritual vibrations, while in fact, I am still identifying with the vital or mental bodies. Sincerity in this type of identification is paramount.

To answer your other question about helping the entity to go into the “light”, I personally do not try to send an entity anywhere. It is doing its job. I must do mine, which is an internal work of purification and of body-soul-spirit union. I cannot decide for this entity where it needs to go, whether it is hell, heaven, or anywhere else. I need to deal with my own stuff and not worry about its own destination! When I offer it the false love of the vital ego, with its desires and emotional contractions and expansions, I leave the door wide open to such vital entities. This New Age trap is promoted by the elite and its demonic masters. They know human behaviour so well and use to their advantage our desire to help others, which simply serves to increase our domineering vital ego and wellmeaning mental ego. They use our humanitarian belief system and our inborn generosity to control and vampirize us.

Q. We sometimes meet malicious persons who are obviously manipulated by entities who talk or act through them. They seem to have lost all decency and goodwill. They are incapable of living from the heart. How should we behave with such persons when we are forced to deal with them?

A. Persons taken over by entities for a short or longer while will become more numerous in the coming years. I explained the reasons for this exponential increase in the DVD of my (French) lecture on the subtle worlds and, more recently, in the DVD of my (French) lecture on chemtrails. We need to remember when we see such people that a divine soul lives inside each of them and that their body is a densified version of the Divine. The hostile entities that control them are also a deformed, unconscious version of the Divine.

The challenge is to remain calm and strong. When we fall into fear mode, we become easily influenced. The increase in the number of entity-possessed persons serves to remind us that we have entered the time of the apocalypse (unveiling of the truth). The difficult situations that are soon to come are there to force me to remain centred deep under the heart or above the head, and to work on dissolving an ego that has now become obsolete (at least for the persons who feel this is the case). In fact, hostile entities will remain around us until their job is done, which requires that the triple transformation of a critical mass be accomplished. So, let’s get to work!



Q. Shamanism is often presented as a free, individual type of spirituality. Yet, it seems that they still perceive that the Divine is external and that the shaman acts for the person by asking the help of guides, angels, spirits. What do you think about this?

A. According to my limited experience of shamanism, the Divine is both inside things, plants, animals, and humans, and outside them. I suppose it depends on the shaman and the type of shamanic practice they use.

From my understanding, shamans work with various entities and use rituals during healings, interactions with nature, equilibrium of forces, etc.

If you feel ill at ease with shamanism, this is important. Your internal feeling is your only real guide. The difficulty resides in knowing who is talking inside you: egoic personalities or soul. Your internal hesitation concerning shamanism may mean that you should stay clear of shamanism or that you should practice it differently.

Q. I enjoy singing and dancing freely, with or without a drum. I feel like I am freeing myself from something. What do you think of such tools?

A. Chanting, dancing, and drumming are tools to express oneself inside matter. Also, in the same way as substances that alter our consciousness (cannabis, ayahuasca, magic mushrooms, etc.), they open doors between the concrete world and the subtle worlds. The question remains: what part of you wants to open these doors and for what purpose?

In the service of ego, these tools will solidify it. In the service of soul, they will reinforce the soul-body link. Your internal feeling and sincerity will allow you to know which of the two parts of you wants to use such tools. In fact, when one decides to surrender to his souls, shamanic tools often slow down the process.

Q. Do shamans help people to become conscious of their individual sovereignty?

A. It depends on shamans and those who listen to them. In this game, you have to study both players. The relationship between the shaman who is looking to help others and the non-initiate who is looking for a guide in his exploration of the subtle worlds is usually of the dominant-dominated sort. Often subconscious in nature, this relationship colours their whole relationship. One wishes to dominate, the other wants to be dominated and told what to do.

This is exactly like a guru-disciple relationship. As long as such a relation help the evolution of the souls of both individuals and, during the period of individualization, the strengthening of their mutual egos, it brings joy and fulfillment. When the relationship no longer serves the evolution of one – or both – of the partners, internal suffering is a good indication that the time has come to stop it. The guru looks for a new disciple and/or the disciple for a new guru.

During the period of transformation, when the evolution of the soul has reached full maturity, the ego becomes less and less useful. There is a gradual transfer of power from ego to soul. The guru then becomes useless, because the disciple turns himself towards the internal guru in order to accomplish the union of body and soul.

Q. Can the following be an indicator? I feel sad when I consider not studying shamanism. I’m afraid I’ll miss something important. Does this come from ego? Doesn’t the soul have all the time in the world?

A. The problem is that ego is made up of many egoic personalities. One of these may dream about being a shaman because it brings a lot of prestige, power over others, and money to buy what it desires. Another egoic personality may wish to help family, friends and neighbours, to feel useful by helping humanity at large. It seems others at victims and itself as saviour. A third personality may be interested in the occult worlds because it feels that it can obtain more power than if it uses other healing modes such as naturopathy or acupuncture. It is normal that these three personalities become sad if you decide not to study shamanism.

The soul has a lot of time, as you say, since it is immortal. However, each new incarnation becomes a race between transformation and death, since the soul’s terrestrial vehicle, the human body, breaks down quickly and eventually dies of fear and exhaustion. Indeed, the soul is not in a hurry, but it maximizes its terrestrial adventure. The solution is always the same. I must give myself (mind, vital/emotional, physical) to my soul, and I wait until I am sure of the path it has chosen for me. Waiting until one is sure that the call really comes from the soul requires an incredible amount of sincerity and courage. The ego is in such a hurry that it succeeds in thwarting this process.

When in doubt, I can decide to act anyways. Once the action is done, it is often easier to guess what part of me has chosen this path. In this way, I learn to know my inner functioning and I am able to identify my egoic personalities. I can then dissolve those that hinder my transformation, one at a time.


Life After Death

Q. What happens after death?

A. Post-mortem experiences vary according to the type of death, the evolution of the body (physical, vital/emotional, mental), and the level of evolution of the soul. In general, the soul gathers around itself the parts of the body that have given themselves to it during the present life. They have become “psychicized” (soul-purified) and remain attached to the soul, which is immortal and goes back to its corresponding psychic world before incarnating once again in a new mental/vital/physical body.

The remaining parts of the body leave for their respective vibrational worlds. For example, the parts corresponding to the lower vital (also called lower astral) live independently for a while in the universal lower vital worlds and the unpurified parts of the logical mind explore the universal worlds corresponding to their own special vibrations. These parts eventually dissolve, after a short or a longer time. What we call “wandering ghosts” or “lost souls” are made up of these unpsychicized parts – unless they correspond to vital entities that lie about their identity for the purpose of vampirizing human beings.

However, most religious and spiritual teachings (especially those falling under the “New Age” category) call the vital body the “soul”. Therefore, our perception of “life after death” has been totally falsified. In fact, most NDE (near-death experiences) describe the vital body. This also explains the stories linked to hell, purgatory, heaven, lost or wandering souls, etc. After death, during an NDE, certain dreams and even in our daily life (without us being aware of this), our vital bodies continue to interact with entities of these universal vital worlds.

Q. After death, do such entities deceive us and even force us to reincarnate again?

A. Such phenomena are linked to the vital body, never the soul. In fact, the true (psychic) soul cannot be imprisoned, trapped, or deceived, since it is an individualized manifestation of the Divine evolving inside space-time. The problem is that when the soul has incarnated into a body, its presence can rarely be felt, and if it is, the ego may deliberately refuse to obey its requests.

Gradually, as humanity’s consciousness grows through the evolution of bodies (physical, vital, mental) and souls, the body-soul union because possible. When a body is able to totally surrender to its soul, it later becomes able to be infused by spirit, then completely transformed. That is actually the sole purpose of the evolution of souls on earth.

Remember that the entities that ensnare and control the body (physical, vital, mental) are also part of the Divine. Their efforts to slow down the transformation of human beings serve as evolutionary diving boards. The suffering such entities bring about forces each human body to take the decision to surrender to its soul. In the long run, this is the only way to stop the body’s distress. Thus, hostile forces and entities are a “necessary evil”. As long as we need them, they will be around!



Q. Can you comment on the following quote from French writer Jacques Vésone? – “In its original nature, the sexual function serves as a door that allows human beings to communicate with the Source.”

A. According to my own understanding and experience, in the long run, sexuality can only hinder the process of someone who is firmly engaged on the road to the triple transformation. Since sex is related to the 2nd chakra and the corresponding lower vital worlds, it keeps us in very low vibrations, which slows down the union of body and soul. To illustrate this, here is a series of answers by Aurobindo to disciples of integral yoga (from Letters on Yoga):

(Find the word “sex” to go directly to the parts that mention this subject in this rather long text.)

Remember that only you can decide if this is your path and when the time has come to walk it. Yet, how can humanity create a new post-animal kingdom if human beings continue to reproduce like animals? How can a new asexual supramental being emerge from a gendered individual that continues to behave as a man or woman? I must choose one direction or the other, because they are diametrically opposed. The present pivotal period is not meant for the meek. Either I commit to a new way of living or I die with the old species. What will you do?



Q. I  had a severe migraine after I came back from your workshop, so I said out loud the following affirmation: “I love and approve myself. With the eyes of Love, I see clearly who I am and what I do. I am safe.” My life partner told me that at that moment, he saw a serpentine entity emerge from my tattoo and escape through the bedroom wall!” (Her main tattoo was a large dragon covering her left arm). Can you comment on my experience?

A. This confirms my research and my intuition concerning this subject. It seems that when people removed their tattoos, their behaviour changed substantially. They described a big liberation, the disappearance of a heavy veil, and even the end of suicidal thoughts.

Strangely, when I came back from giving this workshop in France, I ended up sitting (by “coincidence”) next to an internationally-known tattoo artist. I learned much information on the art of tattoos. The guy’s energy was incredibly stong and the best word to describe it was “satanic”. We shared on the subject for about one hour and I remembered to remain very soul-centred.

Q. Do you know how I can reduce the influence from vital entities in relation to my tattoos?  I need some protection before I get them removed. For the moment, I use visualization – a golden spiral surrounding my left arm – but I feel that a material support would be useful.

A. First, remember that you are not the victim of nasty entities that want to invade your body. In fact, one of your egoic personalities opens the door leading to the lower vital worlds. Tattoos are like your signature at the bottom of a contract proving that you allow this intrusion.

If you want to remove your tattoo, ask your soul to help you find the perfect trick for you. The more you surrender to it, the more easily you will be able to hear her suggestions. These may seem to come from other persons, a book or a dream. Trust it. Trust yourself. If you feel this golden spiral is helping you, this is great.

If you want a material support, you can write a mantra on a sheet of paper and stick it everywhere is your house, especially near your bed, so you can read it before you fall asleep. Here are some mantras, but it is best if you make up your own: “This body belongs to my soul.” Or “I belong to the Divine and no one else.” Or “The Divine is in me and nothing can touch me.” Repeat this in your head – or loud if need be – as soon as you feel a presence or something trying to penetrate your aura, or as soon as you have thoughts related to powerlessness, depression, anger, suicide, or any other dubious idea.



Note: In this section, I comment on the following article:

Q. I would like you to clarify his first answer concerning Aurobindo.

A. When I read Osho’s answers (and many of his writings), when I study his message and examine his life and I compare it to what Aurobindo has written and promoted, I much prefer the second to the first. I trust my inner feeling when faced with such a dilemma. When I read Aurobindo and The Mother (his evolutionary companion), my whole life takes on a brand new meaning. This feeling is so strong in me that I cannot ignore it. It really is MY path, but it obviously was not Osho’s. As for you own path, only you can discover it. Keep whatever suits you from the great masters of the pas and throw the rest in the cosmic garbage can!

Q. In the fourth question, Osho talks about the male ego. I asked myself women are so ostracized both in the material and subtle worlds.

A. In fact, I enjoyed Osho’s answer concerning this issue, even if I find it a bit superficial. Let us go a bit further, if you don’t mind. Since I create everything I need for my evolution, if as a woman I have created such aversion towards the feminine gender, it may be to force me to let go of my old roles a sexy-woman and mother-forever. I am not and never was the victim of men; I have always created what brought me pain, because suffering is the most efficient diving board to propel me towards my next evolutionary step. So, everything is perfect. I stop making men responsible for my suffering and I take full charge of my life!

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